The Skyborne

Create mighty beings from another world! Among the countless worlds of the multiverse, some races have unlocked the secrets of travel between worlds. When a great cataclysm destroys one of these worlds, the inhabitants sometimes send their infant children away in small vessels designed to carry them safely to other worlds. These children are the skyborne. For the first time, players and Game Masters can introduce these beings into their 5e campaigns with Skyborne (5e). Skyborne (5e) provides a new race option compatible with both standard and heroic 5e campaigns.


5e Legendary Heroes

Create the world’s greatest characters for the world’s greatest roleplaying game!  For the first time, 5e Legendary Heroes provides the tools to create your own heroes—and superheroes—in 5e.  Inside you will find many new options for legendary characters, including magic items that grow in power with their wielder, heroic race options, and heroic abilities, starting from 1st level.


Write for Heroic Roleplaying

We are now accepting submissions for new entries in the Heroic 5e series.